Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nun's Eggs...

I feel I am sort of going beyond the call here. I have written up a fair part of this before but may have simply left it open on the computer. It is possibly, or even likely that the husband may have deleted it. I will try my hardest not to say anything but I suspect that it will pop out when I’m not paying attention.

So, Sunday. I appear to have lost my burst of promptness by the way. For a while I was even writing things up on the same day that I cooked them. Must have been the calming, soothing effect of the holiday. Thankfully everything is back to normal and I’m almost a week behind.

The husband was silly enough to hang around the house on Sunday morning. As a result I made him breakfast. Actually he had already made himself breakfast but it wasn’t substantial enough that eating another 4 eggs, 4 slices of toast, half an onion and a fair amount of floury goo was going to be a problem. He is a growing man, if just concerned which direction the growth is going…

I do question whether there is something wrong with feeding your husband a dish called nun’s toast. It just doesn’t sound right. Also it’s not the sort of thing that I imagine a nun tucking into after chapel and before sorting out the weeds in the convent garden. My knowledge of Nuns however is particularly sparse.

Nun’s Toast – hard boiled egg, quartered and mixed into onion spiked white sauce. Throw on hot buttered toast. It was ok, I’m not sure about the onions though. Perhaps served for lunch rather than breakfast would have been better?

Eggs a la Goldenrod – more white sauce – this time chop the egg whites and add to the white sauce, throw on toast, serve garnished with parsley and sieved egg yolks. I actually had to finish one of these – apparently at three eggs and three pieces of toast the Husband hit a wall. No commitment. It was ok but I can think of other dishes that would pay tribute better to the effort of the chicken.

I was a little desperate for things to cook so I made caramel sauce. This was the old dulce de leche recipe – boil a can of condensed milk for 3 hours. I had heard that you were no longer supposed to do this because of the ring pull cans. I ignored that piece of advice and still came to no harm. I have not as yet opened the tin.

Chocolate fudge. In earlier years I had minimal luck with fudge, I’m not sure why. The recipes I’ve had out of the Edmonds have all been faultless. And in general they give a time rather than a temperature. Just boil it for 4 minutes and then beat it. I’m definitely not complaining – it worked for me!

Tea Cake – I was going to visit the Grandparents so I needed to produce something sultana-y. Tea cake – like a very very large scone that you cut up into little scones. It wasn’t too bad, or at least the bits without sultanas were ok. It was a big fruit scone; I’m lost for further descriptives!

Health loaves were somewhat optimistically labelled I felt. Bran, yes healthy. Sugar, butter, etc not so healthy. This was basically a wholemeal date and walnut loaf. It was pretty good, especially with lashings of butter. Not so health loaf in that case.

After the big baking effort I had a little time left over. I thought “what can I make?” I scanned the pages. I came up with chocolate date cream. Bad decision. I am a relatively recent convert to Dates. The Dates were fine. The chocolate cream - not so good. It may have had something to do with the fact that I burn it initially and so had to transfer it to another pot. There was certainly a smoky aroma going on but there was so much more that was wrong. The texture for a start. I continue to have my low expectations defied by the cold sweets section.

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Lis said...

Debbie, I looked for nun's toast on Pinterest but no returns. Very glad someone remembers it as a great stogy lunchtime idea. I might do some right now!